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​SONGS                                  ARTIST/COMPOSER/ALBUM                                                    SCENE
Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet                        Henry Mancini/Nino Rito                                                                Sheets at Ms. Martha's 
You Found Me                                                     The Fray/The Fray (2009)                                                               Ava's cellphone ringtone
Never Say Never                                                   The Fray/The Fray (2009)                                                               Rain Scene at Yale
Say When                                                           The Fray/The Fray (2009)                                                               Yacht Scene
Sweet Dreams                                                     Beyoncé/I Am Sasha Fierce                                                           Autumn In New York
I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)                        Pitbull/Rebelution                                                                           Puerto Rico
Again                                                                  Flyleaf/Memento Mori                                                                    Throughout the book
All Around Me                                                      Flyleaf/Flyleaf                                                                               Throughout the book
Conspiracy                                                          Paramore/All We Know Is Falling                                                    Throughout the book
Ignorance                                                            Paramore/Brand New Eyes                                                             Throughout the book
Bloodstream                                                        Stateless/Stateless                                                                       Throughout the book
Eyes On Fire                                                       Blue Foundation/Life As A Ghost                                                    Throughout the book
E.T.                                                                    Katy Perry/Teenage Dream                                                            Throughout the book
At Last                                                                Etta James/At Last                                                                       Dance at Ms. Martha's
I've Got You Under My Skin                                   Frank Sinatra                                                                                Ms. Martha's
My Immortal                                                         Evanescence/Fallen                                                                      Throughout the book
Haunted                                                               Evanescence/Fallen                                                                      Throughout the book
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My Heart                                                             Paramore/All We Know Is Falling                                                    Throughout the book
Cut                                                                     Plumb/Chaotic Resolve                                                                   Yacht Scene